• New Catalyst Chemistry for Stronger Bonds
  • New CLEARFIL™ DC Activator for Universal Applications
  • Exceptional, Long-Term, Independent Clinical Studies
  • Simple, Proven Procedure: No Hidden Steps
  • Ideal for Bulk-Fill Composites
  • Low Film Thickness for Indirect Restorations
  • Stable & Durable Surface Treatments For Zirconia, Etchable
    Ceramics & Metal Restorations

Since 1999…

CLEARFIL™ SE BOND has improved the quality of adhesion dentistry.
Now we present CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 a two-step, self-etch, light-cure bonding agent with an improved catalyst system for stronger bonds and a new dual-cure activator for use with all indirect
restorations and core build-up composites.
With the same clinical procedure, it is a simple upgrade to our new universal system.

Universally applicable

CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 is composed of a mild self-etching primer with a low technique sensitivity and a light-curing bonding agent with a high sealing ability. For all direct indications, the two components are applied as usual. In order to bond core build-ups and indirect restorations, the bonding agent of CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 is just mixed with a single drop of an additional component, the CLEARFIL™ DC Activator. In this way, a reliable, long-lasting bond to core build-up composites like CLEARFIL™ DC CORE PLUS and adhesive resin cements is obtained.

Direct procedures:
• Bonding of direct restorations made of light-curing composite resin
• Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restorations
• Treatment of exposed root surfaces and hypersensitive teeth
• Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restorations

Bonding of direct restorations
Bonding of core build-up composites
Bonding of indirect restorations


CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2, when mixed with the new CLEARFIL™ DC ACTIVATOR provides a dual-cure chemistry that is ideal for any indirect
restoration or composite core build-up material.

Accelerated polymerization for a durable seal

Innovative curing technologies in CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 ensure that the adhesive cures quickly and creates a durable seal – no matter if used alone or in combination with the CLEARFIL™ DC Activator. Light-cure acceleration is based on an innovative photo initiator contained in the adhesive. Self-cure acceleration is achieved by a catalyst that initiates polymerization of the cement or core build-up material at the very moment it touches the bond-activator mixture. Both procedures result in a tight and durable marginal seal.

Fig. 1: Light-cure acceleration
Fig. 2: Self-cure acceleration

Create the perfect film thickness

Cementation workflows can be simplified by replacing the cementation primer by CLEARFIL™
SE BOND 2. Mixing the BOND with CLEARFIL™ DC Activator results in the perfect film thickness.
This is an important pre-condition for precisely fitting inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.

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