• No Waiting Time with Real Clinical Benefits

  • Less Technique Sensitive

  • Less Risk of Contamination

Quick without compromise....

RAPID BOND TECHNOLOGY offers consistent, predictable results
with all etching procedures & virtually any application time.

The chemistry

New MDP-AMIDE chemistry

Water absorption is the main issue with dentin bonding & it can lead to bond degradation and secondary caries. Research has shown this is especially evident with single-bottle adhesives. New MDP-AMIDE chemistry in CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick dramatically reduces water absorption, quickly penetrates dentin & provides a quicker, easier procedure without compromising bond strengths, sealing or sensitivity.

Cured HEMA-Based Resin After Water Storage

Cured AMIDE-Based Resin After Water Storage

A Truly Universal Multi-purpose Adhesive

Improved Bottle Delivery

Basic Procedure

Highly Rated by Evaluators

“CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick had the best overall results most notably for its superior bond strength values and best ease of application.”
Clinicians Report®
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